August 20, 2009

Project "Billboards Around The World"

Nepal small village at 1600 m called HYANGJAKOT.
I was helped by Lale our tour guide that took us to his village,
we stay one week with Ama his mother
WE ate a rice dish with an arrangement of different tasting Dahl Bart Breakfast Lunch and Dinner and in-between meal we ate Dahl Bart.
There is a Himalayan proverb that says “There is always a way to the highest peek.” I say REVOLUTION is one of the ways.

La Faucille

et le Marteau.

I watched the theory of The Liberal Party on SBS.

The Man who was the inspiration for my character Will ScrooU.
And the Pictures below.

Melbourne for a few months.

You get to keep your head cool by keeping your heart warm.

A Year Later Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Burma .

Le riche et le pauvre arrivent au meme point de leur destinee
quelles que soient leurs richesses respectives.
Il n'y a pas d'echapatoir a la condition humaine,
Dont la destination finale est la mort.
C'est la prochaine affectation.

It's a good reminder that you can do
Who Renew ART ?